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Education and training in molecular medicine combines rigorous didactic training in the basic biomedical sciences with exposure to concepts and knowledge underlying the molecular basis of the most common diseases. Candidates should undergo training in the core concepts of molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, and related biomedical sciences. Furthermore, trainees in biomedical research should have specialized required courses such as pathophysiology and molecular pathogenesis, and program activities, such as seminar series or journal clubs, which would provide them with a better understanding of disease mechanisms. Other parameters that would enhance training in molecular medicine and biomedical research include dual mentors in both basic and clinical science, and exposure to the concepts of medicine through participation in grand rounds or autopsy internships.

Training faculty should be broadly drawn from multiple disciplines and thesis research topics should reflect a broad range of interdisciplinary opportunities in molecular medicine. The goal is to train a cadre of scientists prepared to work at the interface of basic biomedical science and clinical research, an area sometimes referred to as translational biomedical research. This training opportunity should be primarily designed for M.D. and/or Ph.D. doctoral candidates who are interested in such a program as well as other scientists such as biologists and pharmacists.

Education and training in molecular medicine and biomedical research is a main objective of I.M.B.E. Candidates that could benefit from training in novel techniques of molecular medicine, include medical students and new doctors in specialties that involve relevant fields of biochemical research. Initially, we will post descriptions of the molecular techniques that are most frequently utilized nowadays in current medical practice. Thereafter, in order for scientists to become more familiar with these techniques we will organize relevant courses and workshops.

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